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- Feminism in the Arts and Social Media (Toronto Public Library 2019)

- Self-confidence and impostor syndrome (Montreal 2018)

- How to have self-confidence when you are a woman (Montreal 2018)

- The contemporary black woman (ISIKO Paris 2017)
- Make your place in a male environment (Google / Youtube France 2017)
- What place for women in new writing (StoryCode Paris 2016)

- The place of women in the cinema? (Sorbonne New Paris 2013)



- Artist talk: "The Witch's Figure" (Le Labo 2021)
- Clap de fin: closing of the program of the Ciné Franco festival (December 2020)
- Women in the industry and on-screen (China Women Film Festival - CWFF 2020)


- A Changing Landscape: Decolonization in the Arts (British Columbia Visual Artists Collective - Vancouver 2021)





- Artist talk with Audrey and Maxime Jean-Baptiste (Festival Images - Toronto 2021)


- Artist talk with Chloé Galibert Laîné (Festival Images - Toronto 2021)
- Interview with the co-director of the film "Woubi-Chéri" (Ciné Fierté Festival - Toronto 2021)

Video - podcasts

- Interview (teaser) with Katia Café-Febrissy as part of Black History Month (Le Labo Arts Médalités - Toronto 2021)

- Interview (teaser) by Joseph Bitamba as part of Black History Month.
(The Media Arts Lab - Toronto 2021)
- Interview with Josiane Blanc as part of Black History Month
(The Media Arts Lab - Toronto 2021)


Interview with Cynthia-Laure Etom, president and founder of the Women In Film France federation by the media Got Dame Rights.

Cynthia-Laure Etom, founder and director of Women in Film France talks about the latest news from the federation, its objectives and recent developments with the media L'Écran Total.

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