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What does CLE * UP stands for?

In addition to being the name of my Agency, it is also its slogan, each letter of which means: Communication Leads Enterprises UP ! . These are also my initials: Cynthia Laure Etom.

CLE * UP Publicist Agency, is a global communication agency, specialized in public relations  and image consulting. She  is aimed at entrepreneurs wishing to set up a first step in terms of professional or personal image strategy. As well as companies, wishing to develop a strategy of promotion by image and / or content.

Very often, when you are an entrepreneur, changing or improving your image is a difficult step to take. You are certainly asking yourself questions about yourself, your image, the way people look at you. You wonder if your message has been received. Well interpreted.

Your close collaborators, sometimes your customers, encourage you to take the plunge in terms of image, speaking in public, through comments or suggestions. But, you wonder if you can do it? Are you wondering how to do it?

After spending more than 10 years evolving as an entrepreneur and working in companies, with advertisers and with entrepreneurs, I know that the course is not so easy to cross. It can be scary. Know that it is this same fear that can lead you to touch the very essence of who you are. Because to evolve you have to get out of your comfort zone. Go to these unexplored regions of oneself, to surpass oneself.

It is precisely because I know these issues well,  that I am able to accompany you smoothly and at your own pace. Without imposing anything on you, without judging anything. Simply with a lot of listening to understand who you are and what your values are.

Who am I ?

I am Cynthia-Laure, global communication consultant, journalist, image coach, speaker and curator (exhibition, art). My job brings me to work between Europe, North America and Asia. I have a master's degree in Marketing and Communication. As well as an Image Advisor certification.

Entrepreneurship is a world that has brought me many opportunities. I had the opportunity to create various networks of entrepreneurs, to animate communities, to speak at conferences, to organize national events of international scope. And to be visible in the media (written press, magazines, radio, TV, digital media etc.).

I am also a visual and media artist, to find out more about my career, the door to my artistic universe is wide open to you

Communication artist, I use my hats, combining all its mediums in order to tell stories, inspire self-reflection, different ways of thinking about communities, through an original and innovative storytelling on identity , roots, being and sanity. 

Are you interested in the adventure of self-confidence through the vector of images? 
So why not start by meeting with me to talk about it?
All things considered, this does not commit to anything!


Before leaving you to your reflection, let me add a few details about my background that will help you to better define my profile and my passions:


Awards and Certifications

Banff x Netflix Incubator 2021: "Diversity of voices" | Canada, Banff 2021
Top 100 Black Women To Watch In Canada / CIWE | Canada, Toronto 2020
Sexism Not Our Gender / Ministry of Women's Rights | France, Paris 2016
Generation issues / Senate, Le Figaro | France, Paris 2002

Women Making History, Harvard | USA, Boston 2019
Gender Equality, UN Coherence and you, UN Women | USA, New York 2017
Certificate of Entrepreneurial Achievement, Kauffmann Fasttrack | USA, New York 2017

I'll see you around!

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